ostello di Valverde




   The Hostel observes the following schedule:

Opening times: every day from 7:30 to 10:00 and from 15:00 to 20:30

Check in / arrival: from 15:00 to 20:30 (by appointment only)

Check-out / departures: from 7:30 to 10:00

   Arrivals and departures can be arranged only within the time schedule specified above. Guests who do     not respect the check-out time is required to pay the next night.

   The rooms and the entire hostel remain closed from 10:00 to 12:30 due to cleaning service.

   On their arrival at the hostel guests are required to provide a valid ID (identification document).

   In accordance to art.1385 of the Civil Code, reservations are valid after the payment of a deposit corresponding to at least the cost of the first night of stay, but not higher than 50% of the total overnight stays.

   The balance must be paid upon arrival.

   Cancellation of a reservation:

   The entire deposit will be refunded if the cancellation is notified at least 28 days (four weeks) before the agreed date of arrival of the group/individual.

   If the request for cancellation is notified within a shorter span, the following charges are adopted:

• Cancellation notified between 28 and 15 calendar days before arrival: cancellation fee of 50%;

• Cancellation notified in less than 15 calendar days prior to arrival: cancellation fee of 100%.

   Beds which are booked (upon prepayment) are kept until 22.00.

   At their arrival, all guests receive bed sheets and pillowcases (the overnight rate includes the use of bed linen) that they have to return personally to the person in charge. Guests are also expected to maintain all what they use in perfect condition, and to return all materials which was provided to them.

   The hostel is not responsible for the personal property of guests and does not guarantee safekeeping of luggage and valuables.

   The hostel is not responsible in any way neither for vehicles parked near or inside the hostel fence, nor for property left in the vehicle; or for accidents or injuries caused by visitors’ actions or fault.

   Any damage caused by guests has to be refunded; any voluntary damage to structures is punishable by the penalties laid down by the regulatory provisions.

   Guests are requested to:

• maintain complete silence during the night from 23.00 until 7.00 o’clock in the morning;

• personally strip the bed and return the bed linen received on arrival to the person in charge;

• act appropriately to ensure the quiet life in the structure

• report any complaints or inefficiencies to the management of the structure;

• report faults or damages to the hostel management in order to allow the payment of the expected reimbursement. For any damage the accountable person will have to reimburse the cost for the re-purchase or for the reparation of the damaged object;

     • show up at the reception desk upon arrival in order to proceed to the official registration provided for by law. The personal ID will be returned after the registration procedure is concluded;

• in case they wish to extend their stay, guests have to inform the staff by 10am on the day before the scheduled departure

   In the hostel it is strictly prohibited to:

      • smoke inside the building, to consume drugs (even in cases not considered as a legal offense) and to engage in any other conduct prohibited by the laws of the State;

      • bring animals of any kind;

      • bring strangers inside the hostel without the explicit permission of the management;

      • use the bed without the bed sheets provided by the hostel;

      • hang laundry in the rooms;

      • cook inside the rooms.

   People who are clearly suffering from infectious diseases, who are addicted to the use of drugs, or who are not sober and clean are not allowed to enter the hostel.

   The hostel management reserves the right to forbid entry or to send away those guests who infringe  the present Regulation, who should give troubles to other guests, or who should disturb in any way  the activities of the hostel itself.