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                                                                                            OSTELLO di VALVERDE

The new Hostel in Valverde, is located on a natural terrace overlooking the valley, close to the natural park of “Verde” which can be reached walking or by car along several touristic and educational paths.

In September 2015, the restoration works of the hostel building have been completed. The building has been completely refurbished and renewed.

      The area is easily accessible by car from Pavia, Voghera, Casteggio and Piacenza. Shuttle service is available upon request.

The name itself, Valverde, recalls one of the distinctive characteristics of the area, which is rich of chestnut woods, adorning the heights of the picturesque valley. The undergrowth is rich of chestnuts, mushrooms and truffles.

The fresh climate gives the vegetation the characteristic bright green colors, giving the valley its name.

There are many stories that these places can tell you, making you amazed about the fascinating hills of our Oltrepò.

Away from the traffic, you can enjoy nature with picturesque views along the paths of our valleys, you can walk, go by bike or by motorcycle, and you can ride a horse (turistic and educational paths, flora and fauna).

Reward yourself with special moments in close contact with nature to play your favorite sports and to taste the traditional flavours of our land.

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